Demografía musulmana – Muslim demographics


El mundo árabe sigue siendo lo mismo de siempre. Millones de analfabetos con miles de millones de dólares. ¿Puede existir algo más peligroso para la humanidad que 1.500 millones de fanáticos ignorantes, armados hasta los dientes, que procuran eliminar a todos los que no profesan su religión?
La cultura global que nuestros hijos van a heredar será muy distinta de lo que es hoy en día.

what this video try to tell you?
the truth “Islam” is the fastest growing religion in the world!

But is the fertility rate the reason??

the truth which this video can’t show you is islam is the fastest growing religion in the world! because islam is true religion, many European and who are not muslim convert to islam that is the true reason


um the US maybe Britain? I do not want to spread Islam so stop comparing us to muslim extremists. I am not an adult so I dont understand why you act like I want to attack the US and spread islam I am teen and I know a lot of muslims who are nice. so please dont compare me to them.

We immigrate because you nuke our countries we cant live in our countries with US soldiers walking around in our countries what do you fucking expect? And no it wont fucking be a muslim republic REAL muslims such as me DO not want sharia law in europe.



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